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Daniel Eugene Pugh (Dan and/or EWORZERO) creates images, objects and films that explore randomness and absurdity. He received his BFA in Sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business. Dan’s work is occasionally shown throughout the United States. He is a past recipient of the Margaret Allen Barnett Award and Fellow of AICAD’s New York Studio Residency Program. Dan currently lives with his wife, Lynn Barnett, his son Harper Jackson and three cats in an 1888 Workmen’s Cottage located in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. Dan’s recent work includes 120 operatic variations on Harper's name that make the boy laugh as well as a series of limited-run ceramic flower vases for interesting people. Dan's ceramic designs are manufactured by Eugene Barnett & Associates.

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…The love-child of Sol Lewitt and Kurt Schwitters who, none-the-less, grew-up to be a craftsman. See also: Simple, Mid-Century (although not necessarily the 20th), Moorish Architecture, and Absurdity.



contact: eworzero-at-gmail-dot-com